This is an update that we received from Daphne's foster mom via e-mail on Friday, March 17th.  She's been staying with this foster mom for the last 3 months (Daphne wasn't at adoptions for the last couple of months)

Subj:     Daphne update
Date:    3/17/00 2:20:31 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (barbara dodson)
To: (homewardhounds)

Hi there! Nancy is planning to bring Daphne to
adoptions on Saturday. Ragnar and I have been taking
Daphne to the dog park and she really enjoys playing
gently with other gentle dogs. Last night she was
rolling around and playing adorablely and gently with
a Jack Russel Terrier. She is great at home during
the day when we are all at work. I think she just
sleeps. She doesn't get into any trouble around the
house and only chews her chew-toys. I hope all is
well. Barbara