A Few Of Our Successes



rosiefamily2.jpg (35167 bytes)Rosie finds a new mommy & daddy on Saturday, April 1st (no foolin'!) after spending most of her life in the original kennel.   Proud papa David & mama Heidi have decided to change Rosie's name to Honey to give her a brand new start and we don't think that's a bad idea!  Good luck Rosie, we love you!






scottyhome.jpg (53463 bytes)

After living in the original kennel for a year & a half, Scotty (left) finds a home!  Here Scotty enjoys the grass with his new mommy, daddy & sister Maya!  Congratulations Scotty!


smokeyhome.jpg (41344 bytes)

Scotty's (above) best friend Smokey finds a home!  They say he sleeps in bed with them (in the middle, of course!) & licks his new dad's face all night long!  Congratulations, Smokey!






daphnefoster.jpg (24291 bytes)

Daphne finds a foster home!