Gonzo's New Life!

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Note: Gonzo's thick collar was removed in our backyard for the pictures and was promptly replaced.  Dogs should wear collars with tags at all times in case of accidental escape.


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What a pretty boy!!

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What a little charmer!   Gonzo with his girlfriend Daisy...She just ADORES him!

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Okay, I now have documented proof of "the look."  This is the look I get if we don't go for a walk, if he doesn't get to lie next to me when we sleep,  if he doesn't get the leftover spaghetti, etc. etc.  This is bedtime at our house...and yes, he does sleep with "Mr. T" the teddybear.  He carries him around with him and when it's bedtime he carries him up to his "sleepy spot" on the bed!  He loves that bear so much we don't take it out of the house in case we were to lose it!

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Look at that sweet face!!!  Doesn't your heart just ache looking at it??  Imagine waking up every morning to that sweet mug giving you kisses!  Sheer heaven!  The second picture is of the kid zonked out after a long day of play!  (Of course with his best buddy "Mr. T" by his side!

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Gonzo & Daisy at play with their favorite squishy squeaky toy!

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An action shot of Gonzy bear (aka Bonkey Bear, aka Bonkey-Jote (as in Don Quixote), aka Chunky Monkey, aka Gonzorelli) playing one of his favorite games: tug of war, which he didn't know how to play until about a month ago.  He always surrenders things to me when I ask for them or if I reach into his mouth, so he didn't understand that in the game he's SUPPOSED to try to keep it away from me....he most especially enjoys making me chase him by running up to me until he's JUST out of my reach & then when I reach for the toy he darts off!   He's so silly!

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Sweet dreams!   zzzzzzzz.........