Adoption Policy


Because of the difficult beginnings with which these furry kids have been faced, it is our goal to find them a happy ending.  Not only do we never want them to end up in the street, we want them to have the loving home they so deserve.   In order to provide this for these animals, our adoption process consists of several easy but thorough steps.  If you're interested in an animal, we'll ask that you fill out a questionnaire which will we will review.  If you're then approved for adoption, we'll do a home inspection and then a home delivery of the animal.  This can all take place within the same day, including on our adoption days.  There is generally no waiting period.  However, Homeward Hounds reserves the right to cancel the adoption process at any time if we feel that the home situation or adoptive family has been misrepresented, if all information was not given or if we feel that the living situation just isn't best suited for the animal.   If you are declined it is in no way a reflection on you or your family, we just feel that it was not the perfect match.

Once you are accepted, a $125.00 fee is required.  The fee covers spaying/neutering, vaccinations, de-worming and the 1st free doctor visit (within 10 days of adoption).  The adoption fee does not reimburse us for any money spent on your animal but rather goes to pay for all of the other animals in our care, many of whom come to us with injuries or medical conditions which require treatment. 

We offer a 10 day grace period within which time you may return the animal for any reason and receive a full refund of your money.  The animal may be returned at ANY time after that but the fee will not be refunded.  It is required by the adoption contract that you agree to return the animal directly to Homeward Hounds at ANY time (even 10 years later) if you should become unable to care for him or her.  You may not sell him, give him away to strangers, friends or family, take him to the pound, give or sell him to research or euthanize him for anything other than a terminal medical condition.  If you are unable to care for the animal for any reason he MUST be returned to us.  If you know of someone who would like to take him from you and you think they'd make a great home, wonderful!   But we require that you bring that person down to meet with us.  No adoption fee will be charged, but we must know that the animal will be going to a good home. 

If you have any further questions, please e-mail us.