Becoming a Volunteer


While foster homes are our most desperately-needed commodity, not everyone is in a position to become a foster parent.  Nevertheless there is something you can do to help these animals.  Volunteers are needed in all areas of rescue, from walking the dogs to making signs.  Depending on your area of interest, there's sure to be a task that fits you perfectly!  Below is a list of just some of the things a volunteer can do.


Walking/Recovering the Dogs

If you read Gonzo's Weekly Recovery Log you'll see what a tremendous difference a daily walk can make in the life of a kennelled dog.  Spending an hour walking, cuddling & playing with a dog not only prevents depression (which in turn prevents illness), but makes an incredible difference in his or her spirit.  Volunteers can visit as often or as little as they like and can walk as many or as few dogs as they choose.  You can also pick a dog to work with intensively -  It's all up to you.   This type of volunteering is perfect for a student, someone who works part-time or a retired person.  All volunteers are appreciated, but the walkers truly make all the difference in the life of the dogs.



Fundraisers make phone calls and organize events to help raise money for the organization.  This can also include writing letters to companies explaining our organization and requesting donations.   Fundraisers are desperately needed as well.


Flyers/Newsletters, etc.

We would love to have flyers made for each of the dogs in our care (a flyer featuring 4 or 5 dogs would be perfect) to be placed in the windows of vets offices, etc.  The creator would also speak with various vets to introduce them to our organization, leave our business cards, etc.


If you're able to help in any capacity the dogs would be forever grateful.